2. Journey 1. Listen with headphones. Its a work in progress, hence the preview in the title.

  3. blasphemous-rumour:

    GOD BLESS ROUGH TRADE #vinyl #record #daftpunk #discovery #roughtrade #bricklane


  4. Vinyl Sale!

    ~Specific titles to be given soon~

    ~a good mix of genres, mainly classic rock, funk and disco~

    ~a few limited edition coloured pressing in pretty shades~

    ~perfect for listening, art projects and decoration~

    ~Albums: £5~

    ~12” Singles: £3~

    ~7” Singles: £1.50~

    ~4 albums for £15, 4 7”s for £6~

    (possible decoration package depending on time - ill decorate a vinyl for you to display as a decoration or whatever, for £10)

    UK only, £2.50 postage

    also I don’t have a paypal account so you’ll need to send money in a card or letter or something for now

    Message if you’re interested please! The money will go towards a tent for Reading Festival!

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    Officially THE coolest record I’ve ever owned

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    (Source: blasphemous-rumour)


  7. The first two series of Skins were absolutely fab, but so far the third has been terrible


  10. Anonymous asked: How tall do you think fred macpherson is?

    Well he was only slightly taller than me, and I’m about 5”7, so I’m guessing he’s between 5’8 and 5’9 :)